Published: January 7, 2020

Severe Cold Wave is blowing over Nilphamari District

Severe cold wave is flowing over the entire Nilphamari District. Saidpur and Dimla Meteorological Office recorded the lowest temperature today is 9.8degree Celsius. The total area is remaining covered with dense fog. Invisibility of the far is continuing.

Cold flux and dense fog increased the intensity of winter. People of low income and poor are suffering a lot due to this severe cold. They are spending their time especially at night by sitting beside the fire for getting some warm. On the other hand, due to fog, the trains and planes cannot comply with the schedule.

The number of winter patients is increasing in hospitals. Children and old are dying due to cold and winter disease. Diseases caused by cold are increasing and taking the lives of sufferers.

Due to the weather forecast another two or three mild cold flux may be coming within this month which is making the people of this region scared.

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