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Obscenity behind the Restaurant business in Saidpur is in full swing

Saidpur has always been a competitive business town. New businesses are growing in this town every day, so young people and teenagers from different regions are flocking to this town often and everywhere. Everyone is now humbling themselves for the restaurant business. These restaurant business owners are starting their business with various wrong and dirty strategies to attract customers especially students. Obscenity behind restaurant business in Saidpur is in full swing now. Again, there are allegations of anti-social activities against these restaurants.

In particular, there are many mini restaurants or coffee shops on the second and third floors of Saidpur Plaza Super Market. These shops are mainly used as time pass points. To attract customers, these restaurants have dim light based cabins called Couple Place. It is being used as a safe place for illegal and dirty activities rather than selling food. The young men and women and teenagers who are rising up here are getting worse easily. Behind the business of these restaurants, as the anti-social activities are increasing, the character of the young students is being tarnished and the reputation of Saidpur is getting more and more infamous.

Social and conscious people said that before opening these restaurants, those who are starting or will start this business without following all the rules and regulations should be brought under the law now. They are also surprised that why the local administration is not taking any vital and strong step till now. Why Plaza authorities have not been questioned till now in spite of three incidents consequently within some days.


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